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ESN – Erasmus Student Network

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the largest non-profit student organizations in Europe with headquartered in Brussels. Its main goal is to represent European international students. The ESN was established on October 16, 1989 with the purpose of supporting and encouraging the mobility amongst students. The ESN in Europe has 12.000 members in 396 local sections from 36 different countries. One of those is also the ESN Ljubljana which is part of ŠOU v Ljubljani International Office. The ESN Ljubljana together with ŠOU v Ljubljani International Office takes care of foreign students.

What do we do at the ESN sections?

We strive to improve the integration of foreign students into our home surroundings, try to satisfy their needs and promote international mobility.

Activities vary but serve as a good guide for further studies and offer a career. We actively cooperate with Erasmus students and help those who have just arrived back from their exchange for the integration in their everyday life can be somewhat difficult. Often these students want to be part of the ESN, because they know what was missing in their mobility and want to help those who need it.


ESN Slovenia

On the national level, the ESN consists of 5 sections:

  • ESN Ljubljana
  • ESN Maribor
  • ESN Kranj
  • ESN Primorska
  • ESN ŠOUM Maribor
  • ESN LU

Together we form a group of students who want to internationally present Slovenia in the best possible way, show its natural beauties and, of course, act in the favor of Erasmus students.